March 5, 2016


REACH  Reach new people for Christ

In response to God’s clear leading and work, we are seeking to advance the multi-campus strategy by establishing four new campus locations in four years (two new regional campuses, a permanent campus in the Dominican Republic, and an Internet campus) as well as opening a family shelter in downtown Elyria, all to reach people. Although the multi-campus strategy of going to the “next town” (Mark 1:38) has been very successful in reaching people, we have learned that we need to better prepare financially for future regional campuses. We recognize the realities that there are many who do not currently attend our church due to location and distance. Instead of waiting for people to come to us, Jesus calls us to go to them, opening churches in the “next towns” all over our region and opening our arms as wide as we can to welcome them with God’s love. By design, we have now depleted all our new campus development resources and will need to secure funds, in advance, to successfully launch future campuses that will extend the ministry to new communities. Thus, resources available on the front end will enable us to be ready as God opens the way to establishment of our next town” campuses, starting with Lorain in 2017 and including another campus east of Elyria by 2020.

In the Dominican Republic, we will purchase a permanent facility, enabling us to establish a viable campus down the street from the extremely small rented house they are currently meeting in, dramatically opening up ministry opportunities in the bustling city of Santa Domingo as well as providing free housing for any mission trip teams.

We will launch an Internet Campus, updating and purchasing necessary technology and designing an integrated interactive website and mobile app to facilitate online community and ministry. Launching an Internet Campus will enable us to open a digital door to people who otherwise would never walk through our physical doors and positions us to reach people all over the world. The Internet Campus is for people who because of their health, job, or distance can’t go to one of our physical campuses. It also is a wonderful way to be an open door to people who might be reluctant to visit a physical campus.

The final component of this part of the 20/20 Vision is reaching out a little closer to home by opening and running a family shelter home in Elyria. This home is designed for homeless families in transition that takes the best practices of successful family shelter models and incorporates Open Door’s DNA of relational discipleship and excellence, enabling us to reach whole families for Christ.


Cost to REACH NEW PEOPLE for Christ: $1,225,000



Lorain Regional Campus:  $325,000

Dominican Republic Campus: $210,000

Internet Campus & Tech Upgrades: $165,000

“Next town” Regional Campus: $325,000

Elyria Family Shelter: $200,000

* These are all estimate amounts.