What is the 20/20 Vision?


Our 20/20 Vision comes out of John 4:35 where Jesus tells his disciples to “open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” He is referring to reaching people who are lost and outside the family of God and His command is for us to see as He sees. He wants us do whatever it takes to reach people with the gospel, and it starts with having clarity of vision.

But 20/20 doesn’t only refer to improving our ability to see, it also refers to the year 2020 as our goal to see the vision He has given us become a reality. As a part of fulfilling our mission of “Leading People in the Adventure of Becoming like Christ,” God has called us to go to the “next town” (Mark 1:38). Our multi-site strategy is enabling us to reach more and more people in obedience to His command to “go make disciples.”

In response to God’s clear leading and work, the 20/20 Vision is to:

REACH Reach new people for Christ by launching four new campuses,

releaseicon Remove our debt by paying it off four years early, releasing more funds into ministry,

release-icon Renovate existing campuses, making much needed improvements; all by the year 2020.


To make this vision a reality, the 20/20 Vision goal is $2.5 million. Although the multi-campus strategy of going to the “next town” has been very successful in reaching people, we’ve learned that we need to better prepare financially for future campuses. We recognize there are many who do not attend our church due to distance. Instead of waiting for people to come to us, Jesus calls us to go to them, opening churches in the “next towns” and opening our arms to welcome them with God’s love. By design, we have depleted all our new campus development resources and will need to secure funds, in advance, to successfully launch future campuses. Thus, resources available on the front end will enable us to be ready as God opens the way to establishment of our “next town” campuses. While all of the $2.5 million is to help us reach more people, the majority of the money will be used to Reach new people by establishing four new campus locations in four years.


REACH Reach new people

The first “next town” we will start a new campus in is Lorain in 2017. Then we will launch an Internet campus in 2018, and another campus east of Elyria in 2019. Some may wonder what an Internet Campus would look like. It is a website and mobile app designed to enable one to participate in the worship service and online Open Door community and ministry. New technology available today makes it possible to create an integrated interactive website and mobile app so people can participate at multiple levels including talking with an online campus pastor. Launching an Internet Campus opens a digital door to people who otherwise would never walk through our physical doors and positions us to reach people all over the world.


In the Dominican Republic, we will purchase a permanent facility in 2016, enabling us to establish a viable campus down the street from the small rented house they are currently meeting in, dramatically opening up ministry opportunities in the bustling city of Santo Domingo.


The final component of the Reach part of the 20/20 Vision is reaching out closer to home by opening a family shelter home in Elyria. This home is designed for homeless families in transition and takes the best practices of successful family shelter models and incorporates Open Door’s DNA of relational discipleship and excellence, enabling us to reach whole families for Christ.


releaseicon Remove our debt

One of the limitations to reaching more people for Christ is our current debt load, since the monthly repayment uses funds that could otherwise be used to reach people for Christ. So, a lesser amount of the overall 20/20 Vision goal will help us completely Remove our debt, paying it off four years early, saving a lot of money and making us better stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us. Since we will be completely debt free, this releases an additional $225,000 into ministry each year.
release-icon Renovate existing campuses

While we desire to reach new people for Christ through our new campuses, we have people visit our existing campuses every week. We want to reach these people for Christ and incorporate them into the life of the church. So, the smallest portion of our 20/20 Vision goal is to Renovate our existing campuses to help make them more welcoming. Renovations in Elyria include the restrooms, the CrossRoads, the seating in the Main Auditorium and new space for our Senior Adults. The RNC needs painting and repairs and other minor improvements to its CrossRoads area. Our Vermilion campus desperately needs to pave its parking lot, and our Avon Lake campus needs significant upgrades in our Adventure World Kids Ministry along with some minor renovations to the Auditorium.


We are excited about the historic impact we can make for the Kingdom of God through the 20/20 Vision and eagerly invite you to join us in praying and seeking God about how you can be involved. You can start by making these church-wide initiatives more personal by asking God:

“Who do you want me to reach and how much do you want me to give to make this vision a reality?”

Then, echoing John 2:5, “do whatever He (Jesus) tells you.”



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